Compensation For Mesothelioma

Asbestos Hazards Leading To Mesothelioma

Ever heard of the term “popcorn ceiling”? Most people have, and for good reason. This is a popular kind of textured ceiling on older homes from the mid 1960’s. Over time, people started to realize that these popcorn ceilings were made from white asbestos, the main cause for the cancer known as mesothelioma. What began to happen was, people started to renovate and repaint their homes and the asbestos materialized ceilings were beginning to deteriorate, giving many people symptoms of mesothelioma, ultimately to realize they were in fact victim to this terrible form of cancer.

Supposedly the reason these homes were made with popcorn ceiling was to “reduce noise” from footsteps on the floor above or because it’s harder to see scrapes and blemishes in a textured ceiling vs. a plain flat ceiling. A large flat ceiling is without a doubt noisier and dirtier looking than a popcorn ceiling, yet which one is more expensive to build? It’s likely that popcorn ceilings were the cheaper option, resulting in many people being diagnosed with mesothelioma thanks to companies comparative negligence that the popcorn ceilings contain asbestos which everyone knows is harmful to your lungs.

While they were very popular during this time, it’s not right that simply because some innocent person wants to paint their ceilings a different color, and then finds out they have a life threatening form of cancer. This wasn’t realized until decades later, and wasn’t traced back to popcorn ceilings until years after that. Apparently, once the ceilings are installed and painted over, they don’t impose any risk at all in the people living in the home. Only until the ceiling breaks down or is painted over, does the asbestos material then flake off and fall onto the floor, resulting in people unknowingly inhaling the harsh material and years later being diagnosed for mesothelioma.

Some construction materials as well as breaks on cars in general often contain some amount of asbestos. This exposure plus a combination of smoking has been found to increase the risk of lung cancer by almost 90 percent, according to Even the wives of construction workers and industrial mechanics have been found to have an increased risk to developing mesothelioma. The real question is, however, how are these innocent people being compensated for this tragic occurrence?

Necessary Compensation

There a many different ways to receive legal compensation if you have become a victim to mesothelioma. Even though it can be a scary thing to fight for, or if you’re afraid of suing and other legal implications, you need to get what you deserve. There are many asbestos lawyers who will fight for what you deserve as well, all it takes is the will to be compensated the necessary costs for these companies irresponsibilities. Searching for the best mesothelioma lawyers and top mesothelioma attorneys is no easy task, but it’s worth it in the long run when you consider what was taken away from you. Cancer is no easy situation, and no one should have to go through it based on someone else’s fault.