Managing Mesothelioma with the Right Diet

mesothelioma and the right diet

Why is Nutrition Important In Regards To Mesothelioma?

Though one of the symptoms of Mesothelioma is lack of appetite, nutrition is extremely important. Fighting this disease and being successful in treatment depends on maintaining a healthy diet and weight. Proper nutrition and weight management can reduce the risk of infection, boost energy, improve mood, improve pace of recovery, and reduce the risk of treatment side effects.

Mesothelioma Safe Dieting

Knowing what to eat before, during, and after treatment is half the battle to maintain a healthy diet. A healthy diet can fuel your road to recovery and allow for the least amount of roadblocks along the way. The following is a quick outline that can help you to be in the know.

Fruits and Vegetables

The more fruits and vegetables the better. Eating a variety of brightly colored fruits and veggies keeping this portion of the food pyramid whole. Antioxidants including vitamins A, C, and E are essential in protection and restoration of your body while it recovers from Mesothelioma.


Protein helps you to boost your immune system and rebuild all the damaged tissue you create during mesothelioma treatment. The best forms of protein to eat are fish, poultry (chicken and turkey), beans, lentils, and nuts. Red meat must be limited and bacon, cold cuts, and processed meats must be avoided.


Carbs help to give your body energy while fighting mesothelioma. Your go-to carbs should be whole grain carbohydrates that include things like brown rice, and whole grain bread, pasta, and cereal. Refined grains such as white rice and white bread must be limited.


It is important to know which kinds of fat to avoid and which are beneficial. Fat intake also aids in energy production and keeping up your weight during treatment. Consume fats like olive and canola oils, nuts, avocados, and seafood. Make sure to avoid foods with trans-fat and limit your butter consumption.


Drinking plenty of water is essential during treatment of mesothelioma. With rigorous treatments, it is easy to become dehydrated. Drinking water, tea, and coffee, of course with little sugar, goes a long way. Limit the amounts of dairy and milk while also avoiding sugary drinks like sodas.

Make it Easy

To relieve some stress while trying to maintain an adequate diet, try meal prepping. Buy in bulk and cook for multiple days. Save meal portions in ready to go containers that are easy to grab and pop in the microwave. In what is already an incredibly stressful time, the last thing a person suffering from mesothelioma wants to worry about is cooking.

Foods That Aid In Recovery From Mesothelioma

Proper nutrition can also aid in the recovery process. There are foods and vitamins that can help with pain, as well as boosting energy. These foods include Fish Oil, which contains EPA and DHA that inhibit metastasis; Fiber, which prevents high insulin levels that promote cancer cell growth; Turmeric, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory with anti-cancer and mesothelioma properties; Coenzyme Q10, which may help protect the heart during chemotherapy; Grape Seed Extract, which kills cancer cells and boosts effects of doxorubicin chemotherapy; Green Tea, which acts as a strong antioxidant; and Essiac Tea, which is another strong source of antioxidants. All of these foods, vitamins, and minerals are great in aiding the recovery process that Mesothelioma brings along with it.